Charlie’s New Sister!

All edited. All written and rewritten. All of my hard work is completely worth it. Charlie’s New Sister is coming soon!! Now to tie loose ends, dot my ts and cross my Is!


I’ve been editing too much.


Can’t wait! Stay tuned!



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April 2013!

Woo! I had an adventurous month! Two rounds of edits and then my keyboard malfunctions. I must have been using it a little too much! After over a week with no editing, my computer has finally been fixed. So now I’m back and in the final round of edits. A few weeks ago I got myself two wonderful models and we shot the cover. I have so many great shots it’s going to be really hard to decide which one I’ll use. I cannot wait for the book release! I’m planning a free giveaway on my facebook page during the launch and Lord willing I’ll be able to have my first book release party. Wayyy overdue! Notice the extra ‘y”s in that Way! Everything is coming together and I’m just so proud of myself for actually getting things done! To those who have been waiting a YEAR for the 3rd book, a massive THANK YOU for being so patient. It was a year of drafts, rewrites and¬†finalization’s. So keep up with me on Twitter if you haven’t been following me and keep checking out my books FB page for more updates. Thanks for following me! Mwah!!!



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