Charlie’s New Sister




Charlotte Louise Mackenna is:

A) really good at skateboarding and hockey

B) NOT happy that her new sister is THE Sheila

C) likes to hang out with her brother and buddies

D) all of the above


Sheila Penelope Ann Van Housen is:

A) devoted to sparkles, sequins and pink

B) NOT really good at skateboarding, soccer or hockey

C) tends to ramble for a long time

D) all of the above



Together they: A) have to share the same bedroom

B) join the school’s annual Battle of the Bands

C) end up in the emergency room (well one of them at least!)

D) all of the above


It’s Suzette Emilia at her best, so you KNOW the answer is:

D) all of the above




Book Trailer for Charlie’s New Sister

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