I have three main stories I’m working on now. This page will be updated as time goes by. Starting with the next one due out:

A Children’s Book:

I’m waiting for the official U.S. Copyright papers to come in before I release the name of this book. It’s sure to be a hit! I’ve got an illustrator who’s hard at work turning this fun story into life. Can’t wait to share more details on this one!


2013 Releases:

Book 3 in the Camp Eerie Series:

Featuring Charlie! – For those who know and love the witty, dry, sarcastic and loyal Charlotte Louise Mackenna, you’ll be glad to know that I am working on her very own stand-alone story. Well, not so stand-alone when Sheila is thrown into the mix! Lots of surprises in store. I’ve just begun work on it this week (last week in June 2012) so it’s going to take a while, but I have a feeling that it might be the best of the series!

UPDATE: February 2013

Nearing the completion of Book 3!

UPDATE: March 2013

Book 3 is written and in editing!!

UPDATE: April 2013

Finished and edited and in process of being published!

June 11, 2013: PUBLISHED!


Book 4 in the Camp Eerie Series:

The girls are headed back to camp! After Book 1, we got to know the girls even better. Book 4 will find everyone back at Camp Eerie with new adventures, new attitudes and old habits!


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